Classy & Concise


We build websites that don't cost a fortune.
Websites that your customers will trust.
Websites that assure them that you will get the job done.

What your Customers want


Customers want to know who you are and what you do. You dont need to spend a fortune to tell them this. No need to fake things with the latest shiny gadgets that cost an arm and a leg. Be honest and keep it Classy & Concise.

To Get the Job Done

Get to the point and tell your customers what you do. They have problems, you will solve those problems. You will listen to what they need and you will be the one who gets the job done.

We do what we do best so you can do what you do best

More than some graphic design

Anyone these days can build their own website in an hour. But it takes refined skills to evoke specific emotions. A cheap nasty home job website from an amateur is a quick way to lose your customers trust in your reliability, but you dont need to break the bank to get something Classy & Concise.

You get control

If you want control, we can quickly teach you how to update the content on your website. It's not magic and you dont have to rely on an expensive expert to do the basic housekeeping.

What about staff photos or a website video?

Professional Staff Headshots

We dont want to throw out your reputation for trust and reliability when when we add the personal touch of staff photos to your site. If you don't yet have staff headshots we can take these for you.

Personalised video introduction or testimonial

A lot can be communicated in text and images but a video can allow your customer better know and trust the person who will be solving their problems. It's not rocket science but a trained cinematographer will make your video look a lot better than a tacky smartphone job. For a few hundred dollars you can add this personal touch to your website.

An Honest Day's Work

Fair Prices

We are proud of our work. We believe an honest day's work deserves a fair wage. We know your money has to work hard for you, so we will get the job done at a price you can afford.

Hourly Rate plus 3rd party service fees

Websites need to live somewhere, so we will help you rent the virtual land and address for your site. You can also get personalised business email through Gmail. We will help you set up payment for these services. Other than these external fees we charge a fair hourly rate.

$50 per Hour

Whether you want a basic personal bio page, a landing page for your business or a comprehensive small business site we can build you a quality product in a short timeframe. We don't mess around and we get straight to the point. We will not build the Taj Mahal, we will build a classy and concise website for you. The prices which our clients generally pay reflects this. The table below gives you a brief idea of what the different options usually cost.

Basic BusinessComprehensive BusinessWebsite Video
$250 - 500$500 - 1250$500 - 1500

These prices reflect us being able to get right to the point and to do our job. The more prepared you are the less you will pay. We are willing to work with indecisive clients but this will obviously cause the time to drag on. We will give you clear guidelines on what we need from you so that we can work quickly.

Take a look

Basic Business site

Comprehensive Business Site

Video Advert

Video Introduction

Video Testimonial

Let's get started

Telling your story

We start with a meeting to work out what you do, and what you want. This meeting can be face to face, or if your time is short we can make it over the phone.Please prepare the following for the planning meeting.

- Examples of websites you like.
- A few of your competitor's websites.
- A text document with all the text you want on your website (We can help you reframe this text in a concise manner later on). Please use this template as a starting point. Download the document and edit the text in your choice of word processor.
- Examples of any images you want on the website (We can discuss how we can arrange these images or ones with similar meaning with our design.)

Get inspired

In preparation for our planning meeting, please try and find a handful of images that you feel resonate with your business or customers.The following websites have free stock photos. If you don't find anything here then you can find more photos on paid sites. Its a good idea not to purchase any licenses until we have discussed your design in the meeting.


Meet The one man team

Pete Phillips

Over the last 10 years I have run a number of small businesses and creative projects which needed websites. Faced with quotes reaching into the thousands, I turned to learning to build my own websites. Over the years I steadily improved in skill, especially while studying my Bachelor of Creative Industries. During my career I have worked across the fields of Film, TV, Video Game Design, Social Work, Direct Sales and Event Management. Each of these industries taught me skills that give me a unique insight into the website as a place of connection between the entrepreneur and the community they serve. Psychology, Experience Design, Colour Theory, Typography, and Market Positioning are all considered during my design process. I have a really solid grasp of this knowledge and can quickly apply it to your business and market segment. Let me save you years of study so that you focus your energy and imagination on building your business.


Use this form to send quick message to my email write a brief description of what you are thinking of getting built.I'll be in touch shortly to arrange our planning meeting.

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